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November 24, 2010
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Yugioh OC Contest Entry by Yamigirl21 Yugioh OC Contest Entry by Yamigirl21
Hello there everyone ^_^

How are you? I hope that you're all doing well! :D For those who celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving to you! :w00t: Let me also say Happy Holidays to you all, in case I don't get a chance to later! :hug:

Anyhow, where to begin? ^^; I have here a piece I've been working on for QUITE some time! :phew: Between other projects, and while other life related things have been keeping me busy, I've been working on this image for several months actually! This is my finished painting, my contest entry for the :icontheundergarments: club!

In short, the contest for the above group required that the artist draw the original characters created by the founders of this club all together in one image. I began this image by drawing each character individually as seen by the sketches that I posted previously in my Scraps gallery:

I have a few different versions of the girls than simply those listed above, as I altered and tweaked their designs to fit my own style, while also honoring theirs. For anyone who's interested though, please visit the links and my scraps gallery itself. ^_-

As for the final image as seen above, I have here, as a group, (starting from left to right) the five original characters belonging to the leading members of :icontheundergarments:

1. Eiou Mutou, created by :iconhetherly92:
2. Gis Hidaka, created by :icongislt:
3. Anzu Mizaki, created by :iconanzuangel:
4. Toni Moore, created by :iconcut1efromb:
5. Kahana Ryuusaki, created by :iconyourmomsaname:

Gosh, what can I say about this piece....? There's so much that went into the design of it.... @_@ Well, I guess I can say that I began with the very simple idea of the girls having a sort of Conga Line type pose. From there, I decided to put them all in evening wear, which added a new challenge to the image! ^^;

Using various fashion catalogs, I designed dresses for each of the girls. I wanted to do so by using colors often associated with the original creators designs, while also keeping each dress design unique. I also wanted to be careful not to use the same colors within the gowns in order to make each girl stand out individually.

Starting with Eiou Mutou, I decided to keep her in dark colors, as seen by the images that I used as reference. However, I wanted to add some pink, which was seen in her hair as well as various blouses that I'd seen her wear too. I continued this trend with pink accessories and ribbons. :)

Next up was Gis Hidaka! It was a tough choice narrowing down a color for her, but I thought she'd look stunning in red, which would match nicely with her curly locks (curls that I added for this special occasion mind you! :XD:) I'd seen Gis in red previously in her own work, and I always thought she looked her very best in such a color. :) I also added some gold trimming to the dress to match her golden/ruby accessories!

Following her is Anzu Mizaki! I also had a bit of trouble narrowing down a color scheme for this character. She too was often seen in reds and black, which I didn't want to reuse so instead I opted for the pinks and whites seen in some of her earlier designs. However I didn't want her dress to be TOO white as I didn't want her blending into the curtains. ^^; So instead I choose to make her dress a very very pale pink, mixed with white and pink trimming. And since she always wore black within her outfits, I at least added a touch of black within her beaded hair clips, bracelet, and the matching beads on her dress. Since this is a special occasion, I also curled her hair, so that her usually slightly longer looks were a bit tighter as it framed her face. :)

Moving along, I have Antoinette (Toni) Moore. Once again I opted not to use black, a color that she has also been seen in, for the reasons I have already stated. In addition, her hair (which I also wanted to curl! :XD:) is black anyway, so I didn't want her blending into a dress design of the same color. :) Though Toni is often seen in yellow, I took a few liberties this time, and decided to put her in a golden brown dress that matches her eyes. I felt that doing so would go nicely with her complexion as well. However, I did add a lighter gold trimming to her gown which is a bit of an homage to the usual yellowish gold color of her attire. This is also topped with matching accessories.

And finally I have Kahana Ryuusaki. Seeing that she too was often seen in red and white, I decided to use the new "Dark Magician Girl" outfit color scheme that this character has been seen in, in her own artwork. The creator herself, as well as :iconhetherly92: referred to it as a "Chocolate Raspberry" color palette, so I decided to borrow this idea for this dress design. The dress itself is similar to the pinkish color seen in the creator's image, while her scarf has that chocolate-y brownish color to it. Of course this is topped with matching ribbons within the dress and her hair as well! :)

Since I was spending SO much time on the girls themselves, I opted for a simple background this time. I originally wanted to just put them near some fancy curtains but I wonder now if maybe it looks more like a stage?? :icongislt: had mentioned to me that the girls look as if they were competing in a beauty pageant, so I guess the background can be open to interpretation! ^^; I did want to be sure to use a color that wasn't in the dress designs, so I chose a bright purple, with some white fabric mixed in. :)

Well everyone, I guess that just about does it! I hope you like the image and I especially hope that the creators enjoy the piece as well! It was an honor designing this for you and for all of your fans! :thanks:

As always the piece was hand painted, using opaque water color paints! Take care now, everyone!

yamigirl21 :iconyamigirl21:
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Ok, this looks like one of your best pieces of work. I wish I had the time/talent/vision to work on stuff like this.
The shading is really bringing volume to the piece.
I'm going to have to offload this to a chip and put it on my self calibrated Plasma to fully appreciate it i'm sure!
You are consciously differentiating the facial shapes with the line curves and shading which I'm loving, avoiding the common trap of cookie cutter characters. The detail work is amazing.
chibi-seijitsu-chan Dec 27, 2010
What an intriguing group. =o

You did a lovely job. :3

I don't know if the contest is still going on, but good luck. ^^
Thank you. :) I'm glad you like it. ^_^ I didn't win the contest unfortunately, but it was fun to try. :) Thanks again for your kind words! :thanks:
ninadenieve Dec 21, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! I was following this project along through the WIP sketches you uploaded, but the end product is more stunning than I could have imagined! It's very obvious a lot of love and care was taken into depicting all of the girls. I am a huuuge sucker for formal wear, and I think you did a fabulous job of picking out fabric colors that complemented the girls' designs/tastes as well as dress designs that suited their individual styles. It was my pleasure to be of some help in the critiquing process. :) Wonderfully elegant job!
Aw, thank you so much! :hug: It was wonderful to hear your thoughts on the final, especially since I really and truly did appreciate you commenting on the work during it's development process! It meant a lot to me! :glomp: I did work very hard on the piece and I also appreciate that you can see the effort that was put into it! And yes! I did have a lot of fun with the formal wear! It's fun coming up with outfit designs every once in a while! :D Again, thanks for commenting! Thanks for everything! You really are too kind! Take care now ok? ^_^ Until next time! :wave:
AnzuAngel Dec 15, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh im so sorry for not commenting on this!! ;3; but im known for my lazyness and how forgetful i am xDD
i must say i was indeed impressed when i saw the lineart of this drawing, but WOW! now it looks AMAZING! :la: thank you so much for joining our contest!! n3n its going to be very hard to chose a winner thats for sure xD so many awesome entries!. Im amazed with all the details you did here! its very beautiful! n3n thank you so much for your hard work! :iconiloveitplz:
Aw.... Thank you SO much for commenting Anzu! :hug: It really REALLY means a lot to me! And please don't worry about not doing so beforehand. My only real concern was thatt perhaps you weren't happy with the way I depicted your Anzu.... I was really worried about that... That maybe you felt she wasn't drawn as well as last time maybe? Or perhaps you weren't happy with the dress I designed for her? My mind tends to come up with all sorts of different scenarios when I worry. ^^; Sorry about that! :forgiveme:

I know I've said this many times (even to the other girls in regards to their OCs) but it was very very important to me to get this image just right. It wasn't just because of the contest, but because I know how much we all cherish our beloved original characters and I wanted to do them ALL justice! I wanted to portray them in a way that kept them true to the way they were designed, you know? That was my primary goal, first and foremost! :)

Your kind words really do mean a lot to me! And I must say I'm very very relieved to know that you were happy with the image after all! :phew: I have to say that I really do love your lovely Anzu, as well as all of the other girls that you've all created! I really did have a lot of fun depicting them in this piece too! It was an honor to be part of this contest! Thank YOU all for having me! Take good care now and once more Happy Holidays to you, dear! :hug:
KellyK-Chan Dec 5, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow they all look so pretty <3 love the clothes:D
Aw, you're so sweet! Thank you! ^_^
yourmomsaname Dec 4, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconwthplz: I'm not sure why this wasn't in my faves, but now it is! :dummy:

This looks gorgeous, really QuQ I'm Glad the CHocolate Raspberry color scheme was used again! It looks amazing on Kahana even without the Dark Magician Girl clothes! *u* Thank you so much for drawing her~ I like how you colored them as well! They look like they're having fun, and that's always good :D
Good luck in the contest!
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