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October 21, 2010
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Toni Moore Sketch by Yamigirl21 Toni Moore Sketch by Yamigirl21
Hi there Everyone!

As I mentioned in my journal, things are slowly but surely starting to work out in terms of my computer issues, thankfully! :P Hopefully soon they won't be an issue at all! In the meantime, I want to try to be around as often as I can be and post new work whenever I can, too! :)

Anyways, I have here a sketch/work in progress of my renditon of :iconcut1efromb:'s lovely original character Toni Moore! Please see her own Deviantart page for more details of her vibrant and loveable character's history! :)

This is my first time depicting this character so in truth, I'm not quite sure how it'll be received. ^^; I tend to worry about such things quite often, as many of you know. :ashamed: But then again, I did have a lot of fun drawing my version of this cute character! This work is still ongoing so some elements may change in the future. I also took some liberties with her design, like giving her hair a curly look to it and as always giving her my own mature look, as seen in most of my previous artwork. The reason for many of these decisions will be explained in further detail when the final version of this image is painted! So please be on the look out! Thanks for looking everyone! :blowkiss: Until next time then! :)

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*points up*
One can only guess that the original artist thoughly enjoyed this. :P I quite like her so far, she certainly has your touch to it. Hope to see it fully done, and the Anzu picture too.
Toni looks very beautiful! :love:
I'm actually really happy to see that you kept all her details in tact! A lot of people who draw her tend to not do that. XDD
But back to the picture! I love the details that you added to Toni, and her smile is gorgeous! :D
I really can't wait to see this finished! :heart:
Hey there girl ^_^ I'm just getting caught up on messages! I'm so behind as you can see, but I like to try to respond to them all even if it does take me a while! ^^; Sorry again for the delay. :ashamed: But I did want to say thank you for commenting on this early sketch. I was sooooo nervous about depicting all of the girls as you probably heard me say like a million times! >< But I'm sure you noticed that they all went through quite a process and a few different sketches for some of them as I narrowed down the final image. It was definitely encouraging to hear you say that it was coming along back then and I wanted to thank you for that! It gave me the confidence to carry on till the final painting was done! :glomp: I'm glad that you thought that I kept all of Toni's details as I wanted to try really hard to do so with all of the girls, keeping their defining elements, you know? I only hope that that was true of the end result too...? Ack! There I go worrying again! ^^; But anyways, thanks again! :hug: Take care now and Happy Holidays to you too! :)
Cut1efromb Oct 21, 2010
OMG! THIS IS GORGEOUS!!!! :faint: The detail in the hair! So curly! i love this! *c*!!! I love that clip in her hair! She looks so beautiful in your style. I just love how mature she looks! *3* and the top of the outfit looks so cute! >w<! thanks so much >w<!!! :huggle:
Aw... Thanks again dear! This is a VERY late reply, but I wanted to thank you once more for commenting on this early sketch! I've said it A LOT, but I was soooo nervous about drawing your OCs as you may have noticed. ^^; I worried that I wouldn't depict them well enough or that you'd be unhappy with how I drew them. :ashamed: But it was words like yours that encouraged me to keep over the many months of working on that piece, until it was *just* right! I'm glad you liked the drawings during the first few stages and I'm very VERY glad that you liked the final too! Thank you again! It meant a lot to me! :hug: Take care now and Happy Holidays to you! :hug:
ninadenieve Oct 21, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The detail in the hair is absolutely gorgeous! I love the falling ringlets and spiraling curls. You shouldn't be worried at all; this is a very pretty rendition of Toni. :)
Thank you again! :hug: I tend to worry A LOT, especially when it comes to depicting someone else's beloved original character. I guess its because I feel so strongly about my own character that I'd want to put the time and effort into getting someone else's just right, you know? I hope that makes sense....^^; Well.... this is another late reply.... :forgiveme: But I wanted to thank you again for your kind words! It was comments like yours that helped me through to the final painting despite the many revisions and weeks of work drawing and painting it! Thank you very very much, for everything! :glomp:
Thank you again ^_-
You're welcome.
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