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May 5, 2005
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Sango and Miroku by Yamigirl21 Sango and Miroku by Yamigirl21
With the completion of the last Inuyasha related image I thought that I'd attempt one more before moving on to something else......

Aside from Kagome and Inuyasha, I have always enjoyed the interaction between the characters of Sango and Miroku, two important supporting characters of the series. Within the story itself, though it seems obvious that these two have very strong feelings for each other, most of the time it seems that Miroku's rather.... "bold" behavior always seems to kill the romantic mood. ^^; And yet, I think when all things are said and done, these two will most certainly end up together; becoming truly close and comfortable with one another; Miroku's bad habits and all. :D

I was inspired to paint an image that depicted this type of intimate contact.... And so, I came up wtih this concept with the two of them lying together on the grass, naping in each other's arms. I even have Miroku's hand resting on Sango's shoulder..... And as many fans know, it's "the" hand, the one with the dangerous wind tunnel or the "Kazaana" and yet, I'd like to think even so, Sango would feel comfortable enough to allow this; that she trusts him enough, even in such a deep sleep. This also goes along with the feeling of innocence that I wanted to depict in the image. Perhaps Sango and Miroku are completely unaware that they have fallen asleep in this manner, and yet because of their connection, they are able to rest soundly and securely.....

When composing the image, I thought about creating a sort of balance much like the concept of ying and yang. The figures themselves seem positioned in a similar manner, but I thought that I would add their weapons of choice to strengthen that balance on each side. I also have a great love of patterning so I wanted the blanket on the grass to be colorful, yet hopefully not so much that it takes away from the figures themselves. As always the image is painted with opague water color.
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EvilAngelofKC17 Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love this. They're looking sooo cute :aww:
Thank you so much :)
So pretty!!! 
This is just so pretty, cute, BEAUTIFUL! :3
Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)
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