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Gift: Anzu with Layton plush for SamCyberCat WIP by Yamigirl21 Gift: Anzu with Layton plush for SamCyberCat WIP by Yamigirl21

Hello everyone,

How are you? Are you doing well? I sure hope that you are! It's been a little while, but thankfully not as long as my previous postings, right? ^^;  Seriously though, I'm glad to be back, and hopefully soon I'll have a series of completed, painted works to present; starting with this image! :D So let's see....where to begin?  Well, with the holidays approaching, I thought that I'd take a short break with commissions, (though I hope to commence with those requests very soon! :forgiveme:)  and focus on gifts for those nearest and dearest to me.  I wish I could offer more, but with limited funds, I always hope that these tokens will suffice in some small way at least. Here's hoping anyway.... >< 

Anyhow, though I hope to have this completed as a painted image, this is a line art version of a piece that I had wanted to do for the wonderfully kind and considerate :iconsamcybercat:.  I have spoken of my dear friend many times previously, so I find myself at a loss on what more I can say about how supportive and encouraging she is.  So, I hoped that this piece would speak for me, as it has been one that I had wanted to do for her, for some time now.  :)

To speak briefly on her behalf, however, I wanted to say again that :iconsamcybercat: and I have been friends here on Deviantart for a number of years now.  Throughout this time, I have been constantly amazed at not ONLY how sweet she is, but also by how much she is able to see in EACH and every deviation that I post, whether it's a work in progress, or a completely polished deviation!  She would read all of my commentaries, noticing the efforts, details and themes that I would try to incorporate in my work, and without fail, she would root me on, both with my work and in my life endeavors.  And truth be told, I did indeed find her words encouraging, so much so that I wanted to befriend her even outside of Deviantart; hence the reason why we've spoken through email and notes as well. ^_^  If that wasn't enough, she was even kind enough to share a number of doujinshi titles with me, and she would also think of me during both the holidays and my birthday as seen by the number of gifts that she's given me:  Teana for Yamigirl21 by SamCyberCat  Teana x Atem for Kathie by SamCyberCat ::COMMISSION:: Teana by nattherat! Though I find that I often get backlogged on replying to both emails and messages here on Deviantart, I wanted to say that I often think fondly of :iconsamcybercat: (as I do for many of you as well) and I wanted to show my appreciation with this work. :)

Though the piece is simple in concept, I wanted to depict the Yu-Gi-Oh character Anzu for :iconsamcybercat:, a character that the two of us admire, which I'm sure is quite evident for those who know us best :XD:  In addition, however, I know that :iconsamcybercat: is quite fond of the popular Professor Layton games on the Nintendo DS.  Though I have yet to play the games myself, and in truth know nothing about the series, I wanted to somehow incoporate it in my image of Anzu, so I came up with the idea of having her holding a cute Professor Layton plush doll.  I of course looked at Professor Layton's design when depicting the doll, but I also noticed that these plushes exist in real life!  So viewing the actual doll also proved useful in rendering it, as I hope it will when I paint the finished piece. 

Though I've depicted Anzu time and time again, I always have the tendency to want to render her like my beloved Teana, the previous incarnation of this canon character, that I partially imagined myself.  I suppose that is why I drew Anzu looking a bit more maturely, though I often do so with any anime character I depict.  Still, since this IS Anzu and not Teana, I made the effort to stay try to her design, hence her shorter hair, and larger eyes.  I also noticed that I had never depicted her wearing her Duelist Kingdom outfit, so I thought that doing so would be a nice change of pace. 

I don't know if this image can EVER truly begin to repay all that :iconsamcybercat: has done for and given me, but I hope that it will be a nice gesture, if nothing else. :forgvieme:  I'll look forward to completing and posting the painted version as soon as I possibly can (as well as a few other works!) so please be on the look out! :w00t: I wish you ALL the happiest of holidays and I thank each of you as well, for the support that you've given me!  And once more, :iconsamcybercat: I want you to know that I truly TRULY appreciate how incredibly awesome that you have been for all of these years!  You're a true friend, and I look forward to staying in touch in the future also! Best wishes to you; to all of you! Until next time then! :wave:

Lots of Love,

Yamigirl21 :iconyamigirl21: 


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SamCyberCat Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013


Clearly that first sentence needed capslock for the full effect. xD

As you know, I work away from home with no Internet access over weekends, so I saw this upon checking my messages this morning and was overwhelmed at how generous you are. Despite that you mentioned you were thinking about making a gift for me, I never expected to see it so soon, considering how busy you are, and I very much appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to make a gift for me. These sorts of gifts definitely mean a lot to me, because I know how much time & effort goes into your work. A drawn gift feels more meaningful than anything else that could be bought and I'm most thankful for it.

Especially since you've combined two of my favourite things in the world - Anzu and Professor Layton!

That certainly means a lot, especially since you aren't familiar with Layton yourself. I always get nervous drawing characters I'm unfamiliar with as gifts for friends, but I really do think that you've done a great job with the Layton plushie. It really does look like one of the actual Layton plushies you can buy (sadly, the one I have myself is the smaller version, but I hope to find a bigger one eventually). The idea of Anzu having such a plushie is actually very sweet. Perhaps over time, her friends' love of games rubbed off on her and she got a little into gaming herself. Since the Professor Layton games are all about puzzles, they do seem like the sort of games Anzu, Yuugi and the others would enjoy. Maybe one of Anzu's own friends got the plushie as a present for HER. :giggle: But now I'm just going off on a tangent, making up stories.

Moving onto Anzu herself, she looks as beautiful here as she always does in your work. I'm not going to lie - Anzu, and of course Teana too, are my favourite characters to see you draw. So it's fortunate for me that you draw them both a lot anyway, seeing that you also love them maybe even more than anyone else in the Western Yu-Gi-Oh fandom. Anzu's Duellist Kingdom outfit doesn't really seem to get a lot of love from fans, does it? I admit that I've never drawn her wearing this particular outfit myself and hope to one day fix that. It's very nice to see that outfit in your style, as you handle drawing it very gracefully. I can only expect that the outfit will look even nicer in colour. :3

Looking at this reminds me of something though. You're a big fan of the Ace Attorney series, aren't you? Well, next year they're going to localise a game that crosses over the Ace Attorney & Professor Layton series:… I'm sorry if you were already aware of this, since it is old news now, but I thought it might be relevant to your interests, as an Ace Attorney fan. :D

Anyway, I think that I've rambled enough for the moment. It's just that I really wanted you to know how much I appreciate and like this beautiful picture a lot. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this for me. And, as always, don't stress about having to reply to any of my lengthy comments. I know that you don't have a lot of free time right now and, well, I certainly do ramble a lot. =P I know that you care about every comment you receive from every person on your work, even if you don't have time to reply, and it's the caring that makes it very important.

<br / />

Thank you once again and take care~! :glomp:

Yamigirl21 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
Heh, it's taken FOREVER but your comment was just so wonderfully kind that I at least wanted to respond briefly. I still have quite a few of your other comments to reply to as well, but I always want to when I can, as you always have such lovely and encouraging things to say! :hug: :huggle: :tighthug:  :glomp: It really was my pleasure to do this piece for you as you deserved this and SO much more! I never really ever do feel that I express how much all your support has meant to me. I mean I know I try to say it often, but it just never seems that simply saying "thank you" is adaquate for me.  So I thought showing you with a full fledged image that took time and effort would at least help.  But then again you always do such lovely works for me as well. :blushes:  I'll keep trying though! I'm so glad that you liked the concept and that you liked the final too, which I hope to respond to that comment soon too! Take care dear and keep in touch! It really is always a pleasure, my friend! :wave:
mr0spot Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thats a relly great work and idea :)
Yamigirl21 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013
Thank you so much! I appreciate it! :)
mr0spot Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
np :)
LittleMissDragnet714 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is very amazing work. I'm sure your friend will love it :)
Yamigirl21 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013
Thank you so much! I always worry about how my gifts will be received, so I appreciate you saying so :) Happy Holidays to you!
do you do gifts 
Yamigirl21 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013
I'm so sorry dear, this image is a Christmas gift for a good friend of mine.  I only do gifts for those closest to me, though I appreciate your interest in my work.  Take care!
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