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October 21, 2010
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Anzu Mizaki Sketch 2 by Yamigirl21 Anzu Mizaki Sketch 2 by Yamigirl21
Hello again everyone ^_^

Here's another sketch tonight! I'm posting here my second attempt at drawing :iconanzuangel:'s lively and spirited Anzu Mizaki, cousin to the canon Anzu Masaki from the Yu-Gi-Oh anime and manga! As stated previously, I've depicted this character before, but this time I wanted to draw her with an elegant touch to her, her hair a bit bouncy, with more volume to it (while also having tighter curls, making her hair look a bit shorter in lenght) for a special occassion! That's also the reason I have her wearing different hair clips than her recognizable hair barrets. I'll comment more when the final image is done, but for now I wanted to post this work in progress too! Thanks again for stopping by everyone! Until next time then! :)

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StarLight-aiReY-Chan Oct 22, 2010
She's so CUUUUUTE :iconiloveyouplz:
Seriously, I love her hair. It's so detailed!! :heart:
Aw, thanks dear! I'm glad you like it!
Anzu looks so pretty! >w<
She looks very elegant and innocent, and I like that you added pearls to her design here! It's a great touch! :love:
Like I said before, I can't wait until you throw the colors down! It's going to bring all the girls to life! :love:

Though I don't know if you know already, but Anzu's OC switched back to 5Ds. Nothing too important, but I just thought you should know ;D
Ah! I think that just about does it! I'm slowly but surely getting caught up on messages...^^; But really, thank you again for this comment too!! :) I really did try my best with this piece, all the way through to the final painting! It went through so many revisions; some minor, some not so minor.... ^^; I'm really glad that you liked how I depicted Anzu in this image and I only hope that :iconanzuangel: liked it too maybe...? Once more, thanks for all of your encouraging words! :hug: They really did mean a lot to me, especially as I was working on the piece all that time! Again, take good care now, ok? Until next time then! :glomp:
Thank you! ^_^
You're welcome.
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