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Please visit my OTHER deviantart page, as seen here: Thank you! :D (Big Grin)

Hello everyone,  :wave:

How are you? Are you doing well? :wave: I sure hope that you are! : Well, it hasn't been TOO long since my last journal entry, but it a few things have changed since the last time I posted...  As I mentioned before though, I definitely hope that 2016 is treating each of you well, and that only good things are on the horizon for all of us! :fingerscrossed:  Here's hoping at least!

Since I would often speak about the stress level of my job, I am happy to announce that I've just been hired for a NEW position, which I hope I will be better suited for.  As much as I fretted over my last/still current position, I still felt very strongly about the work, and especially the wonderful people that I had the pleasure of working with!  I've only JUST put in my two weeks notice this Monday, so thankfully I'll get to see them for a little while longer.  But I do hope many of them will keep in touch afterwards as I see many of them as good friends now....  

However, I do think that this change, as a whole is for the best.  Truth be told, I was becoming rather ill due to the constant worrying, the lack of sleep and having to work extremely long hours almost every day! And yet being a good worker is important to me, and I really WANTED to perform well and prove to myself that I could do it!  I did indeed manage to do that, but at what cost? Even my doctor warned me about how the level of stress was affecting me and just when it seemed like I had no where to go, I receive a phone call about another opportunity; on the very day that I decided to leave that position!  I found it rather uncanny, but perhaps that proves that miracles can happen, and that there really is a plan for each of us...  I'd like to think so anyways, and I'm thankful to God that it worked out that way! Well, I start my new position on the 21st and I hope that this time I really will be able to fit in, that I can work hard, and still have time for the people and things that I love!  Please wish me luck everyone!  Thank you....  I really do appreciate it! :happycry:

With this new job, which will also have regular hours, as opposed to my current one, I hope very very much that I'll be able to dive back into my artwork again as it's been FAR too long!  I haven't been able to paint in months, as the job was all consuming.  I must admit that I feel a bit rusty, but I hope that in time I'll be able to get my groove back! :)

Speaking of which, though I'm sure I mentioned this previously, I was accepted into the Zenkaikon anime convention, which will take place April 1-3! :D

I attended this event many YEARS ago, when it was still beginning in the city of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania!  But since then, I have heard wonderful things about their expansion, (as it is now being held in the Lancaster Pennsylvania area) so I hope that it'll be a fun new experience being part of this event! :)  My husband :iconpyropainter: also applied to this venue (without any official word as of yet) but no matter what happens, he promises to be there to support me, and hopefully he'll have an enjoyable time in the process! :) Here's hoping that he can be there with his own work along side of me though!  If you plan on attending, please stop by and say hello!  It'll be here in only a few short weeks!! 

What else... What else....   Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, I've launched a Patreon page, as seen in the following link:…

Patreon Banner! Please visit my site! :) by Yamigirl21

Sadly, I have not been as active recently due to the enormous stress and the time-consuming nature of my current job, but again, with any luck, things will change very soon!  In terms of Patreon as a whole, however, I'm still feeling things out on how to best approach this site, what I can offer to potential patrons, and so forth! But I hope that I will eventually be able to generate more interest for those who would like to witness my artistic process and supporting my work as a whole. If you haven't already, please check it out :) 

Of course I will continue to be active here on Deviantart as often as possible, so please don't worry about that!  But of course any additional support to what I do would mean more than I can possibly express and I'll continue to think of ways that I can reward those who are that generous, if I can! :)

On a related note, I've also created a Facebook page showcasing my artwork as seen here:

If you're interested, please check this site out too, if you haven't already! :)  

As for upcoming projects, I wanted to *try* to develop at least a few new pieces for Zenkaikon but it seems time is running short.....  As time passes, I find myself leaning more and more towards older titles and wonder if I should devote my attention to works I loved in the past. I also wonder how that would be responded to, as opposed to me unsuccessfully trying to catch up with what's most current.  Hmm....  I might have to make yet another poll about that one, but if there are titles that you'd like to see my tackle, let me know ok?  I'd really like to try something a little different and hopefully generate more interest in the kind of work I do as a whole! :)

Though of course I still have a lot of work in progress pieces that need completing such as this poor piece has been neglected for over a year! :ashamed:.

Yami X Teana Christamas 6: Ornament Design WIP by Yamigirl21
I feel awful that I broke tradition, NOT finishing this piece in time for the holidays, but with the conclusion of my previous Yami and Teana Christmas series, I thought about starting a new tradition! :D  I won't say too much as of now, but I hope that this older work, will be the unofficial start of what I have planned: 

Dedicated to Dan and Michal  ++Read Below++ by Yamigirl21

And on a similar vein, though it's been SOOOOO long since I initially drew it, with renewed interest in completing my fan-fiction, "Transcending Memories: A Bond Unsealed," I also hope to finish this piece, which depicts a scene in my chapter 3 of my story:
Yami + Teana: WIP by Yamigirl21
I also want to complete this redrew of Teana, Teana:  Draw This Again Meme! WIP by Yamigirl21 for the "Draw This Again Meme! Meme: Before and After by Bampire.  

My girl has come a long way since I originally designed her (though she was originally based on the character of the same name from the Playstation's "Yu-Gi-Oh: Forbidden Memories," video game).  
I tried to visualize my own look for the character WAY back in 2003, as seen here, Teana: Tea or Anzu in Egypt by Yamigirl21 though I hope I can recreate this image to how I've come to view Teana today.

In truth, I have a lot of images that I hope to complete related to Yu-Gi-Oh, as well as Teana and Yami/Atem, but alas, I often found that there wasn't enough time in the day to finish, though again perhaps that will change soon....  I guess I can only do my best, so be on the look out for my next endeavor, no matter what it is, ok? :)  Thanks again!

On that note, I can at least say that I was successful in finishing my art trade with the wonderfully talented :iconshootingstar03: as seen here! :w00t:  

Mahado and Araana for ShootingStar03 by Yamigirl21

And though I've had to put it on hold for a bit, namely during this adjustment period, I HAVE continued to work on my fan-fiction, Transcending Memories: A Bond Unsealed:

Transcending Memories: A Bond Unsealed- Chapter 1
Author’s Note (April 2010):  Wow...  It’s hard to believe that I started this fan-fiction almost 6 years ago.  So much time has passed, and yet at the same time it feels as if it were only yesterday since I created this work.  Even though I put it away for a while, as I focused on other things in my life, my love for this story never faltered.  And I’m quite sure that it will always be special to me, no matter what... 
     In recent months, I found myself rediscovering the intensity of the love that I felt for the Yu-Gi-Oh anime and manga series, and as a result I was compelled to revisit this fan-fiction, rework it, and maybe even attempt to complete it this time around!  It’ll be a daunting task, especially given the extent of what I would like to rewrite before I continue onward, and because despite everything that I had written previously, I had barely even begun
Transcending Memories: A Bond Unsealed- Chapter 2
Author’s Note (April 2010):
Hello again, everyone! I hope that you’re all doing well! :) I suppose there isn’t too much for me to say in this brief commentary, at least in comparison to what I addressed in my first chapter. Given that both chapters 1 and 2 were simply introductory works, they were virtually unchanged from their previous versions, with the exception of grammatical changes and what not. Still, given that I have many more chapters that I need to revise, I also thought that the addition of a current author’s note would be useful in the sense that the reader will know which chapters have been rewritten, as opposed to my prior works I imagined that it may be confusing for the reader to determine if a chapter was edited or not, so again, for this purpose, I will include an author’s note if the final has, in fact, been completed.
Author’s Note (May 2003)
Transcending Memories: A Bond Unsealed- Chapter 3
Author’s Note (April 2010):
Ah, what fun I had revising this chapter! I suppose that I can say that Chapter 3 is where the story truly begins, and as a result, it was reworked considerably in comparison to the original. Firstly, I attempted to add more insight to both Yami and Teana’s characters, and aside from detail and description, I found several grammatical errors in the previous version which I hope have been corrected in this one. In addition, given that this chapter was generally lighter, as opposed to the story’s overall darker tone that had begun to unravel; I simply decided to follow through with the various events that transpired here, while also trying to amplify them in any way possible. Though what originally happens within the chapter remains intact, I like to believe that there is a bit more life, or perhaps a certain kind of energy in what ultimately occurs that was not felt when reading the prior versio
Transcending Memories: A Bond Unsealed-Chapter 4a
Author’s Note (October 2010): As of this writing, I have only managed to update chapters 1 though 4 of this story, and even in comparison to the changes in Chapter 3, I found that Chapter 4 was changed rather drastically; so much so that I even included a number of events that did not transpire previously at all! This was done for several reasons…. Firstly, I simply wanted to have more interaction between Teana and Yami during the early stages of their relationship; before things became more complex, and potentially problematic; at least in some ways.... Having re-read my own work, I became aware of the fact that this had begun to occur as early as the original version of chapter 5 even! So instead, I wanted to see more of the playfulness and innocence in their beginning, which hopefully served to give it a bit more depth and meaning as well. Additionally, I also hoped that the new scenes would level the pacing of
Transcending Memories: A Bond Unsealed- Chapter4b
Author's Note (May 2013):  Hello again everyone! How are you? I hope that you're doing well!  Though this was not the author's note that was *originally* included within my Chapter 4, it would seem that Deviantart has size limitations in regards to posting text files; at least if I'm utilizing the Writer options on this site, correctly....  As a result, I was forced to divide my Chapter 4 of my fan-fiction into two parts, given that it was much longer than my first 3 chapters combined!  For the first part of this chapter, please visit the following link: 

In any case, this may actually serve the telling of this tale, taking into account that the second half of the chapter had a very different feel and tone in comparison to the first half!  However, I am hoping that any additional chapters will be posted without difficulty, so that they can be r
Transcending Memories: A Bond Unsealed- Chapter 5
Author’s Note (March 2015): Hello again, everyone! How are you? I hope that you’re doing well! My goodness! It’s been QUITE a while, hasn't it? I truly and *sincerely* apologize for that... I honestly hadn't intended to be away for so long, but it would appear that instances in my life would quite often get in the way, as well as issues with my health especially, and of course other projects that I'm working on as well. It's because of my health, actually, that I'm now able to concentrate on this work to some degree. In a nutshell, I am currently recovering from a rather major surgical procedure! Given the severity of it (though I should be fine, I'm happy to say!) the healing process requires me to be a bit limited in my mobility, while also having plenty of best rest for the next several days! Though, truth be told, I was finding that to be a bit aggravating however, since I'm so used to always being on the run! So I at
Transcending Memories: A Bond Unsealed- Chapter 6
Author's Note (March 2015)
: Well here we are again! Can you believe it? It's certainly hard to, (even for me!) given that it's been forever since I have been able to work on this story of mine so consistently. As I mentioned in my previous chapter, particularly it's author's note, I am still recovering from a surgical procedure, and though I am still in need of bed rest, I wanted to make a genuine effort to progress with this piece, for the duration of that time. I am not certain HOW much more I will be able to write, but I suppose I won't know unless I try! Though it has been years and years since I began this work, it is still quite special to me, and if I am fully capable of doing so, I wish to pen all of the stories that have been locked within my mind for over a decade now. Please wish me luck everyone, as I'll try not to disappoint any of you that are still with me, after all this time! Thank you again, for all of your
Transcending Memories: A Bond Unsealed- Chapter 7
Author’s Note (April 2015)
: Hello yet again everyone!  How are you? Are you doing well?  I sure hope that you are!  :)  It seems that I STILL have some creative steam left in me after all, so I'll continue to utilize in in any way possible for as long as possible!  It would also seem that the events from the previous chapter were much longer than I had intended, and I came to the decision to divide up what I ultimately hoped to accomplish with this chapter into two instead. 
Oh! And for those interested in canon, I made a slight reference to the "Man Eater Bug" which was the "Ka" that was extracted from the criminal in the last chapter. I thought it fitting to have it be a monster that fans would be familiar with, and it seemed like such a beast would most definitely take refuge in such a man, given his attitude and what not. 
As I mentioned in my previous installment, I hope very m
Transcending Memories: A Bond Unsealed-Chapter 8a
Author’s Note (April 2015):
Greetings once more everyone! :) I'm so happy to see you here again, and relatively soon after my last few installments of this work! Even now, I'm sure it's still pretty shocking for me to be working so consistently on this treasured work of mine, isn't it? At least, that's how I feel myself! But what can I say? Even if it has been several years, when I set out to do something, I really do try to complete it, no matter how long it may take... And this story means far too much to me to simply disregard it in the state that it is. I really don't know how long it will take me to complete it, but I hope to, one day..... Though if I have a say in the matter, it will be done sooner rather than later....
Well now! I certainly revealed quite a few of my plot elements in my last chapter, didn't I? If you can believe it, many of those concepts have been with me ever since I had read the original manga when it was stil
Transcending Memories: A Bond Unsealed-Chapter 8b
Author's Note (April 2015): Hello again everyone!  This will be a short commentary, given that this chapter was originally just one.  However, much like Chapter 4, Deviantart seems to have size limitations on text files, so I was forced to divide up the chapter into two segments instead.  Please check out the first half here:
And of course, if you haven't already, please read the previous installments of this work and let me know what you think! I'm always very very happy to receive comments and critiques! I really am trying to give this story my absolute best, especially after so many years, so any support and encouragement, is truly *truly* appreciated! Thank you again! :thanks:
Chapter 8b
                    “Ana... Ana! Hey! Wake up! Are you there?”
     As Teana slo
Transcending Memories: A Bond Unsealed-Chapter 9a
Author's Note (June 2015): Hello again everyone! How are you? Are you doing well? I sure hope that you are! Well then! It looks like I'm still moving along with this work, a little at a time! Did you enjoy the last chapter? I must say that I enjoyed writing it, though I did manage to hit a few snags here and there, in regards to research, dialogue, and any other obstacle that I may eventually encounter during my creative process. Speaking of which, I recently tweaked Teana's dream sequence in Chapter 8, just slightly, to tie more closely together with a later scene in this chapter. For anyone interested in continuity, I would suggest re-reading at least that scene again. :) Aside from that little bit, I do like to think that I am making good headway with this story of mine, and I hope against hope that you *are*, in fact, enjoying it, if you've made it this far and stuck with me after SO long!

Speaking of which, I included a few things in
Transcending Memories: A Bond Unsealed-Chapter 9b
Author’s Note (June 2015):  Hello again everyone!  Much like chapters 4 and 8, Deviantart forced me to divide up my chapter 9 into two separate parts! :P  Please read the first part, as seen here:
And as always, I thank you very *very* much for your time, interest and consideration!  Please let me know what you think, as I always welcome both comments and critiques! Thank you again, as it really DOES mean a lot to me! :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:
Chapter 9b
                     “Well then, would you like me to show you?” Yami inquired.
                    “You can do that..? I mean, it's ok for you to do that? Right here? Right now?!”
Transcending Memories: A Bond Unsealed-Chapter 10
(The image above was done by :iconsetokakashiluver: as seen by the original here:
Author's Note (December 2015): Hello once again everyone! How are you? Are you doing well? I sure hope that you are! :) Well, here I am again! It's been a while, hasn't it? I apologize for that... In the past several months, there certainly have been quite a few changes that have taken place. Mostly recently I managed to secure a new job; which due to the high demands of the work, has taken up a great deal of my time! I'm still learning the various processes of this new position however, and I hope that in time I'll be able to use my time more productively, for both work and the things that I love! Wish me luck everyone! Thank you so much! :)
In terms of the story itself, I'm finding that as I write this commentary, I'm not quite sure what to discuss this time around... Though I'm certain that as I continue on, it'll prove to be just as len

Currently, I'm about 7-8 pages into my Chapter 11, though I may need to rework some of what I've written so far...  However, if anyone has any interest in what I've written prior, and if you're willing to comment or even critique my work, I would be absolutely thrilled to hear what you have to say!  Thank you so much! :D  I have to tell you that I'm especially excited to see :iconshootingstar03:'s half of our art trade which will depict a scene that takes place within the story itself, so be on the look out for that as well!

Well everyone, I guess I'll leave it at that for now!  But once more, I truly thank you for your interest, encouragement and ALL of your wonderful support! :hug: :glomp: :huggle: :tighthug:  I've said it a million times now, I know!  But I DO mean it!  It all truly *truly* means the world to me! :happycry:  You guys really are the best and please know I'm grateful for each and every one of you!  Also, please continue to watch my efforts, either here or on Patreon and I'll try my absolute best not to disappoint you!  Until next time then! Take care now everyone!  :wave:

Lots of love, :blowkiss:
Yamigirl21 :iconyamigirl21:

:star: Patreon Feature!  :star:

SamCyber Cat :iconsamcybercat: 
Black Raven Week - Crow by SamCyberCatThank You to the 300+ Anzu Fans by SamCyberCat

EsheMilana :iconeshemilana:…
Phoenix - Collaboration by EsheMilanaFancy Mermaid by EsheMilanaGods of Primal Beauty - Collab by EsheMilana

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Sebek for AtemswildRose by Danni-StoneLittle Kuriboh LOVES his Chibi Atemu by Danni-StoneKaraoke Time! by Danni-Stone

Pyropainter :iconpyropainter:…
Breath of Fire by pyropainterPhantom of the Opera Contest Entry: Please vote! by pyropainterRonin by pyropainter

I was thinking of doing some artwork related to some older anime titles. Which series/characters would you like to see me try my hand at and why? :) Please let me know! Thanks so much! :D 

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